No Connection

by Michael Borg

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White light
A blank canvas
Unchosen birth
Filled with words
Thought how to think
What to say
Do nothing
My own way
1000 gods
But 1 true god
A juxtaposition
Of true hate
Endless lies
And brainwashing
Stand in line
For judgement day
All these chains
Constant fear
Controlling me
And how i feel

I dial the number
Keep on pacing
There’s no connection
There’s no connection
I take my steps
And hit a wall
There’s no connection
There’s no connection
When i die
No will care
There’s no connection
There’s no connection

No heart or soul
Transfer funds
A slave to business
Enjoy capitalism
If you die
You’ll be replaced
Pixelated face
In a crowd
Numbers on a pay roll
Wearing masks
Day in and day out
Composed and stiff
Coloring within the lines
Never taking the time
To breathe
No will to live
Existing in monochrome
Or black and white
The safest movie
This is your life


released July 25, 2017




Michael Borg Melbourne, Australia

A guy living in Australia that loves music, writing songs and playing guitar.

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